Architectural, Site & Historic Specialties

Since 1934, Wemco has been actively supplying custom architectural castings of all types, sizes and metals to General Contractors and their affiliated shops.

  • Historical Restoration
  • Traditional Craftsmanship
  • Ornamental Iron Castings
  • Ornamental Aluminum Castings
  • Ornamental Bronze Castings

... and more

Some of our completed Federal and Department of Transportation projects include:

  • The NYC boardwalk restorations at Jacob Riis Park, Coney Island, Rockaway Beach, etc.
    Iron and Aluminum Cast fittings for Boardwalk Sea Rail.
  • Fordham Road rehabilitation
    Ornamental Iron Posts for Highway Railing.
  • Ongoing restoration of West Side Highway, NYC
    Ornamental Iron and Aluminum Signage.
  • The Macomb's Dam Bridge & Viaducts (by Yankee Stadium)
    Reproductions of original Iron Posts & Ornamentation.
  • Ongoing NYC subway stations rehab.
    Cast Iron Column reproductions.
  • Williamsburg Bridge *
    Cast (Ductile) Iron Ornamental Cladding for structural beams at approach and departue ends.
    * We are very proud of this most recently completed project.

Other Completed Architectural, Site & Historic projects include:

  • Plaza Hotel 
    Cast Iron reproduction canopy components.
  • Grant's Tomb 
    Cast Iron ornamental railing.
  • The Eugene O'Neill Theater 
    Cast Iron architectural railing reproductions.
  • Radio City Music Hall 
    Cast Iron theatrical seating components.
  • Central Park Conservancy (NYC) 
    Cast Iron bollards, ornamental posts, ornamental signage.
  • NYC Department of Parks and Recreation 
    Site castings of all kinds and metals.
  • NYC Public Library (at 42nd Street)
  • Madison Square Garden 
    Iron castings for stadium seats.
  • S.U.N.Y. Stonybrook 
     Aluminum & Iron cast components for research equipment.
  • Piedmont College (Georgia) 
     Cast Iron ornamental site furnishings.
  • Old Boy's High School 
    Cast Iron ornamental fence reproductions.
  • Ossining School District (Ossining, NY) 
    Cast Iron auditorium seating replacement parts.
  • Madison Square Park 
    Cast Iron decorative Urn and Cast Bronze ornamentation.
  • Juniper Valley Park 
    Cast Bronze "Roadrunner" silhouettes.
  • Greenbelt Nature Center, NY 
    3-D sculpted Bronze Frog fountain.
  • Astoria Park 
    3-D Art 36" decorative Cast Bronze Striped Bass 
    for site ornamentation.

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